Update: Level 43 is playable

We received this review from UK yesterday: "Great App - one problem:
this is a great app and I'm not telling people not to get it, It's addictive and really gets you thinking. it's just that I got to level 43 and it is impossible! Several blocks need the same square to make the cube. You either need to fix it or make it able to rotate a block. Could you also check if any others have the same problems. I really want to keep on playing and I can't because of this problem! :'("

Pls see video below: Level 43 is possible ;-)

  • For centuries, mankind considered the sphere to be the perfect shape. Well - we were wrong.

    In a world of cubes, there is just one simple goal - just like anywhere else: REUNION!

    Sounds simple, right? Unfortanetly - it isn´t...

    Your mission

    In Cubotronic, your mission is to define the movement of a bunch of lost souls cubes.
    Your tools are simple, yet effective:
      - Define which platform you want to move first, which one second, et cetera.
      - Choose from two different directions for each platform

    The problem

    As you can choose the sequence the cubes shall move, and define the path each cube will take, you are facing 384 possible solutions...
    But there is an obstacle to overcome: the cubes may not collide during their way to their final destination.
    So beware - your solution should be well-thought-out...

    100 Levels of spatial confusion

    Of course, Cubotronic starts easy. Very easy, indeed. But things get tough soon:
    - Matrix is expanded to 4 x 4
    - Some cubes are rotated (and of course, you have to figure out by yourself, which ones are rotated)
    - Finally, cubes consist of two layers. The ultimate challenge for your spatial sense...

    BTW - for all of you counting binary: YES, that´s really 0b1100100 levels!)

    Send questions, ideas or suggestions to: cube@cubotronic.com
    We appreciate your feedback!